Coalition Map: Vancouver Island Water Watch Coalition
Greater Victoria Water Watch Coalition (GVWWC) is a coalition of organizations and individuals who, since September 2005, have been active to ensure water/waste water systems remain in public control.

Our position is that:
Water is a shared legacy, a public trust and a collective responsibility.

We declare:
Access to clean water is a human right.
Ownership, management and operation of water systems should be public.
Conservation is vital.
Water connects all life.

GVWWC welcomes membership from organizations and individuals who see water as a fundamental issue in this region. We are an “equal opportunity” Coalition, not weighted in favour of any member organization or individual.

Greater Victoria Water Watch Coalition

Dorothy Clippingdale (250) 595 1701.
30th August 2007 · email Editor · website
Greater Victoria Water Watch Coalition by Editor