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17th November 2023
Sent: Thursday, November 16, 2023 7:24 PM

Please…Ministers Cullen and Ralston…I am requesting that you take the hour and 35 minutes to view this film produced by Will Koop.
It astounds me at the devastation that is being allowed to still occur. My heart is so very sore!
Please…please…fix things so that our forests and our watersheds can exist and those that rely on water can attain it and live.
I am also requesting a response please as to how your Ministries propose to fix all of the problems associated with your Ministries.

June Ross
Chair -Vancouver Island Water Watch Coalition
Editor –

B.C. Timber Sales Invasion of the Roddy Creek Domestic Watershed

By Will Koop, B.C. Tap Water Alliance Coordinator (Released on YouTube November 12, 2023)
This is a long story / documentary, published on YouTube, about a commercial logging controversy concerning the ruination of a drinking water source and flooding and debris flow threats to a property in rural British Columbia. The domestic water source in question is Roddy Creek, located near the Town of Avola, about a three-hour drive north of Kamloops City on the Yellowhead Highway. Prior to May 2021, Roddy Creek had been a pristine water source.
Some information about this issue is posted on the B.C. Tap Water Alliance website,, under the heading: “Dangers to Property and Domestic Water Supply Pollution, near Town of Avola, B.C.” The property owners have obtained legal counsel and are currently seeking remedies. They filed a civil claim in late July 2023 against B.C. Timber Sales and two independent operators.
Stayed tuned to the website for upcoming information.
YouTube Video Timestamps
00:00 – Prelude.
02:39 - Video Title and Info.
03:11 – Introduction.
05:20 - Part One. Saturday, August 21, 2021. The First Days of Rain and Trauma.
06:56 - Part Two. Sunday August 22, 2021, the next day
13:52 - Part Three. September 22, 2021, one month later!
15:19 - Part Four. Wednesday, November 3, 2021. The Final Straw!
20:49 - Part Five. Sunday November 12, 2021.
30:18 - Part Six. B.C. Timber Sales.
32:58 - Part Seven. The Mountain Forest Setting at the Town of Avola: the Avola Creek Community Watershed and the Roddy Creek Domestic Watershed.
35:01 - Part Eight. The Avola Area Fire of 1920.
37:07 - Part Nine. November 15, 2021. Grievances, Complaints and Information. The first meeting with three B.C. Timber Sales foresters at the intake ponds and the kitchen table.
49:20 - Part Ten. November 18, 2021. The day of the special meeting and field tour with the Forest Practices Board representative, Doug Wahl. Other participants: B.C. Timber Sales staff, a forest hydrologist, B.C. Timber Sales’ hired project monitor, and Wadlegger’s environmental monitor.
01:04:51 - Part Eleven. The Wall of Shame.
01:19:27 - Part Twelve. Examining Cutblock AM85M: the Clearcut Next Door.
01:24:21 - Part Thirteen. May 6, 2023, Saturday afternoon … during a rain event. The very next day, directly below cutblock AM85M, in the South Cemetery watershed, a fish bearing stream and a domestic watershed.
01:29:23 - Part 14. Remedies and the Future Protection of Roddy Creek and Avola Creek Watershed Systems.
01:33:20 – Credits, Ending.