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1st August 2023
Continued from Part 1

The Outback folks later heard that these "enforcers" went to Gardenworks (the old Art Knapp's) and tried the same thing on them, as it turns out they have a well on that property and also take water from the stream that runs thru it. And these goons, also armed, brought along wait for it VIHA!!! You remember, VIHA who terrorised so many people and businesses a couple of years ago, and is overseen by Bonnie Ugly and her assistant Deena Hinshaw. The Gardenworks folks were told that VIHA had done a test on the water and it had ecoli in it so it was too dangerous to use. We don't know if they had registered their well or not, and as yet we don't know the outcome of this event eg. was Gardenworks forced to close? Or at least stop using water, which would mean their plants would die? It's not likely they had someone like our brave and well-informed friend Sophie to stand up for them.
One benefit from this incident is that it has provided a HUGE wake-up call to the sleepers involved, including nursery owners and employees. You can see that by closing a nursery not only are a lot of jobs lost and potential food plants destroyed, but the ripple effect would apply to many related industries including growers who supply nurseries, retailers who buy from nurseries, and all supply and transportation chains. The same is true for all kinds of farms.

There is always a way to transmute the intended emotions these wannabe controllers are trying to provoke of anger, fear, frustration and helplessness. We can instead view this as an important step that many need in the awakening process, and looking at it that way allows us to raise our own frequencies. The wannabe controllers are moving very quickly now to snap the jaws tight, but these efforts are the death throes of a desperate and dying evil dream of controlling the world. Those who have willfully slept on, ignoring what they see around them and just hoping it will go away, may just be now receiving huge slaps in the face to WAKE UP! It seems to be a characteristic of a large portion of humanity that they don't take action until their very own toes are stepped on. Before too long EVERYONE is going to be personally impacted and thus given the opportunity to wake the fuck up! It is up to each of us to SPEAK UP and provide information once those awakening are finally open to receiving it.

So here's what you need to know:

1. POST YOUR PRIVATE PROPERTY NO TRESPRESSING SIGNS at your gate and every 50 ft. around the perimeter of your property. Remember that under their warped legal system, your property is assumed to be public UNLESS you post otherwise. Without this notification you can not legally stop anyone including these bullies from entering it. These signs apply to rented properties as well, and even apts.
get them posted, and STAND FIRM about them. And if you DO have a land patent, a copy should be posted on a board at your gate, and all you have to do is to point to it, and tell them to leave.

2. Put up a sturdy gate and KEEP IT LOCKED! It's sad to have to live this way, but we have to accept that we are in a state of war right now. Jim and i and our infrequent visitors and deliveries can attest to the fact that it can be inconvenient. But if you want to live in the private domain rather than the public domain, you must take measures to do so.

3. DO NOT ENGAGE in ANY way with anyone from any branch of govt. who shows up at your gate, whether they are armed or not. If they make it to your door, DO NOT LET THEM INTO YOUR HOUSE! Likewise do NOT let them into your barns or outbuildings (people have had their farms closed down and animals confiscated due to some abuse story made up by policy enforcers who have gained access to their barns and want to shut them down.) If they do step onto your property, inform them they are trespassing, and must get off your property now. They will try to engage you into talking or even attempt to threaten you, so that they can verbally trick and trap you into contracting i'm sure most of you know by now how this ruse works. However, you are under NO obligation to respond in any way or to engage any further. State that you have no business with them, and walk away.

4. If they try to hand you papers, simply DO NOT REACH OUT to take them
just like with those tickets people were handed two years ago! We're so well trained to obediently stretch out our hands and take something that some self-appointed authority holds out to us, but it is ONLY AN OFFER! You are under NO obligation to take it! Control your urge to reach out, put your hands in your pockets if need be, and simply walk away! If they try to force any paperwork on you, it is assault and warn them you will call the police. Needless to say, all this should be witnessed by another person if at all possible.

5.It is the same with your phone! I couldn't believe how those who were supposed to self-quarantine allowed themselves to be monitored and controlled by their phones, some were tormented 24 hrs a day by calls from self-appointed authorities checking up on them! Again we have been so cleverly trained to think that if a phone rings we HAVE to answer it, when in reality it is nothing but a harmful habit, and you are under NO obligation to answer it, it is totally your choice, no matter WHO it is!

Also keep in mind that THERE IS NO ACTUAL WATER SHORTAGE in our Valley! You have been tricked over several decades to believe that there is, but this supposed shortage is 100% contrived. Meanwhile BC Hydro releases millions of gallons of water into the sea whenever they decide to (including for kayak races!) while they tell you you can't water your garden. Water meters were purposely installed so that they can have full control over your allowable amount. If you have a well you can't be controlled and they hate that! Unless of course they can con you into giving it to them thru registration. And another part of this water deprivation plan is the new sewage project, building a pipe to dump sewage into a place in the ocean which will contaminate the large underground aquifer that many people's wells tap into. And of course the ridiculous flimsy permit given in Merville to the water bottling facility fits into the plan as well. And a very good question to consider is -- if we have such a shortage of water as well as a sewer problem here, WHY ARE COUNCILS GRANTING BUILDING PERMITS for the massive number of monstrous stack'n'packs that will mean literally thousands more people needing water and using sewers? Check out the link a the bottom of the page if you are in any doubt as to why this is happening.

And finally, the drought we are experiencing (and seem to every summer) is completely geo-engineered in order to convince people of this climate change scam and limited resources scam. This island was semi-rain forest before its forests were raped and murdered, destroying the natural ecology, and before the geo-engineering programmes began that have been going on for decades. After all, if we got a couple of good natural rains every week, how could we be convinced of a water shortage? There has been a long term agenda to purposely destroy our natural hydrological cycles, and these cycles are what we ultimately intend to restore with all our different types of energy devices that bring loving support harmony back to nature. Remember, both oil and water are constantly renewing resources, the earth makes an abundance of both of them, and this is why springs gush from high mountains and oil spurts out of the ground. Nature will never limit or meter the resources, and they are our stolen birthright.

Anyway, perhaps you can now understand the value of the land patents Jim and others have been harping on about for a couple of years now. It's time to get moving on them folks, now that we have found a lawyer willing to notarise documents. Maybe some more information meetings on land patents can be arranged soon, and the patent expert Doug Force from www.themythiscanada is going to be doing a speaking tour of the island within the next few months, so I'll keep you posted when i get a schedule.

As many of us now know, this whole agenda has been very long in the works. Many thanks to Sonja for sending me this excellent presentation linked below from someone from Kamloops, clearly explaining how the gradual infiltration of the U.N. into our govts. took place, how the removal of all local control is nearly complete, and what this means for us in smaller towns and cities like our Valley. In the second half a brilliant activist from the Cowichan Valley lays out a number of worthwhile actions that people can take to stop this crazy runaway train. As this puts a very local face on this whole U.N. /WEF takeover, I'm going to add it to the Big Picture flyer i sent out in my last newsletter, which i hope you'll print out and distribute to any who are FINALLY realising something is wrong and seeking information. I have attached the new version of this one-page handout which includes this link, in the hopes that you will help distribute these to all those who are finally waking up and trying to make sense of it all.