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15th February 2023

Mayor and Council, c/o City Administration:

It is my understanding a petition is circulating to ask Parksville Council to deny a rezoning amendment for the development of 1465 Greig. Having missed an opportunity to sign it I request that you recognize my private note with much the same wording.

My concerns revolve around many issues, but having worked on the "water file" for over 20 years my main concern is there is not enough water or infrastructure to supply the current service area, never mind adding another 800 dwellings and then maintain the environmental flows stipulated in water licences. The Arrowsmith Dam reservoir was totally drained last fall and appears unlikely to fill before summer demands start again. And water use last summer was severely restricted for a couple of months. The snow pillow at Mt. Arrowsmith gauge currently sits at 72% of the 4-year average for this point in the year.

The late John Blakely Nuttall, a local engineer, wrote in the conclusion of his 1998 analysis and report, The Arrowsmith Dam Project - An Independent Assessment:

"The dam on Arrowsmith Lake will increase dry period flows considerably up to about year 2021.
Beyond 2021 more controlled storage will be required."
(Page 17)

Please remember the Englishman River Water Service supplies both Parksville and Nanoose (Area E). And the "senior" water rights agreement, Arrowsmith Water Service, includes those two entities as well as Qualicum Beach and French Creek community in Area G.

I, the undersigned resident of the Oceanside area, draw the attention of Council to the following:

THAT, the Official Community Plan (“OCP”)-rezoning amendment for the development of 1465 Greig Road into 800 mixed residential units will:
Negatively impact: Local traffic, Water supply, Wildlife habitat and Green space.
Strain existing infrastructure such as: Sewage treatment, Medical services, Policing, and Other emergency services.

THEREFORE, I request that the City of Parksville deny the OCP-rezoning amendment for the proposed development of 1465 Greig Road.

The senior society to which I belong is founded on protecting the function of watersheds and managing the supply of potable water in environmentally appropriate quantities for human habitation.

Michael Jessen, P.Eng. (Retired)
Member: Arrowsmith Watersheds Coalition Society (since 2001)
APLUC - Arrowsmith Parks and Land-Use Council (since 2004)