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2nd February 2023
Humanity is running out of fresh water. And unless we act now, half of the world's population will live under severe water stress in just seven years. In weeks, world leaders could sign onto a groundbreaking water deal to help secure water for our future generations. But water-rich countries won’t commit unless they face massive public pressure. And that’s where we come in! Join the global call to secure clean water for all, and when we hit 1 million, we will deliver it straight to the talks.

At the heart of the Amazon rainforest, nearly 100 cities have seen their rivers start to disappear, leaving millions without water.

This is not an isolated case. From the Amazon to the Congo Basin and across the world, we are running out of clean water!

In weeks, our leaders are finally meeting to discuss an action plan to provide clean water for everyone but so far, almost nobody is paying attention.

That's where we come in.

Only 10 countries hold more than half of Earth's fresh water and if we can bring a million voices to these countries ahead of the conference, we could potentially make this a global priority. We can't allow water-rich countries to go along with "business as usual", leaving billions without clean and safe water.

Sign the petition now and share with everyone -- once we hit a million, we will deliver our voices with a strong delegation of Indigenous leaders from around the world.

Sign the petition

All life on Earth depends on water, and yet this is going to be the first time in 47 years that the UN meets to address the water crisis. The Water Conference is a major chance to show up strong for clean water, and to ensure that everyone’s voices, including those of Indigenous peoples, local communities, and citizens from around the globe, play a significant role in protecting and governing water resources.

Together, we can demand accountability from these ten critical countries - to cooperate with their neighbors, to punish polluters, and to give our most precious resource the attention it needs - before it is too late.

Most of all - they must act immediately to avoid leaving future generations a hot, dry, and unlivable planet.

Sign the petition

Time and again, we have shown up on behalf of our planet, including at critical UN conferences on biodiversity and climate change. Now, we are going to show up again - this time to protect our scarcest and most precious resource - clean and safe water.

With hope and determination,

Patri, Miguel, Bieta, John, Diego, Luis, Bert, Kaitlin and the whole Avaaz team

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