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28th September 2019
This week, the United Nations held its Climate Action Summit to coordinate its member countries' response to the threat of global warming. The goal, ostensibly,was to prevent global temperatures from rising 1.5 degrees Celsius — a near impossibility at this point — or, at least, 2 degrees Celsius, an only slightly less impossible goal.

In order to attain that objective, economists, scientists, and other researchers tell us, we must undertake a massive, worldwide transformation in the way we live and consume, a global metamorphosis unprecedented in human history. And we must begin right away. This is why millions around the world were out on the street last week for what was likely the largest climate protest in world history.

Yet, in the temperate rain forests of Northern California, logging companies are still chopping down colossal trees, destroying one of the most critical carbon sinks in the world.

We spent a few days with activist son California's Lost Coast who are living in treetops to physically stop them from being logged. They are continuing a tradition of radical environmental activism in the region that traces back to the militant direct action of Earth First!in the 1980s and 1990s.

Our new short documentary
was published by The Intercept, and picked up by the Los Angeles Times and the California Sun as well. Please give it a view and share it with the people in your lives.

—Leighton, David and Armando