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30th August 2019
B.C.’s groundwater is under threat and I need your help to protect it.

just a few weeks, local governments and First Nations throughout B.C. will vote on an important resolution that calls on the province to stop issuing water licences to commercial water bottling operations in the province.

These licences allow water bottling corporations to take fresh groundwater, bottle it in plastic, and sell it for profit.

Your mayor and councillors will vote on this critical issue at the upcoming Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM) convention September 23-27. Resolutions UBCM members pass have a lot of sway in determining how the province conducts its business.

We need every mayor and councillor attending the convention to know that their constituents support this measure. Will you write your local officials today and ask them to vote in favour of this resolution?

Take action now

Droughts, flooding and forest fires pose a risk to clean water in B.C. Climate change will bring even worse conditions that will further threaten water sources. Meanwhile, the bottled water industry continues to drain away this precious resource, bottling and selling it for huge profits.

The plastic bottles clog our landfills and oceans with billions of tons of plastic waste.

We must protect and prioritize water resources for drinking, sanitation and local food production over industrial and commercial for-profit uses – and this starts with putting an end to water bottling for sale or export.

For decades, the Council of Canadians has been at the forefront of the battle to protect water as a human right and to stop corporations from exploiting shared resources like water.

Throughout B.C. and across Canada, Council of Canadians supporters and chapter activists are standing up to giant corporations like Nestlé. We are building momentum in local communities to protect water through the Blue Communities Project and fighting back water privatization efforts. Now, we are pleased to partner with the Canadian Freshwater Alliance and the Merville Water Guardians to protect groundwater in B.C. for future generations.

Eighty-three per cent of Canada’s bottled water exports come from British Columbia. At a time when our communities’ drinking water sources face threats from severe weather, fracking, mining, climate change and over-extraction, we cannot let corporations drain our water for profit.

Help protect water for communities and ecosystems now and for the future. Write your local officials today and urge them to support the resolution to stop water bottling in B.C.

Thank you for taking action for water!

Vi Bui
Water Campaigner
The Council of Canadians, 300-251 Bank Street, Ottawa, ON, K2P 1X3
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