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19th August 2019
The state of the Donut Hole, an area sandwiched between Manning and Skagit provincial parks, right now is shocking.

Four clearcuts logged last year are heaped with felled trees and logs that were simply left on the ground to rot, or piled up in stacks to be burned. No efforts have been made so far, to safeguard the logging roads from water erosion which could cause harm to the Skagit headwaters.

And things could go from bad to worse now that Imperial Metals, the mining company involved in BCs worst-ever tailings dam collapse at their Mount Polley Mine in 2014, wants to drill for gold in the Donut Hole.

The increased threat of mining together with the sight of this logging waste and lack of proper environmental protection has convinced me more than ever that we need to redouble our efforts to convince Premier John Horgan to ban logging and mining in the Donut Hole for good.

Take Action

The good news is that your letters have been working and the movement to protect the Donut Hole is growing.

Thanks to your letters, the BC government has put on hold the granting of any more logging permits in the Donut Hole for now. And the BC government is feeling the heat before deciding whether or not to grant Imperial Metals a permit to drill for gold in the Donut Hole.

At stake are beautiful wilderness areas in the Donut Hole including 26 Mile Valley (first photo) and Silverdaisy Valley (second photo), and all the clear, clean water running into the Skagit headwaters which we simply must protect.

Write your letter!

For the wild,
Joe Foy Co-Executive Director
Wilderness Committee