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18th August 2019
EDITORS NOTE: As a result of the article below "Broken Sprocket in the Fox Creek Hub"...the following comments were sent to me. The articles links within this piece are well worth having a look at.

The subject of condensate made me curious about it's explosive properties. It got me to researching what the consequences of its use might be. We of course know what happened with the light oil that was shipped to Lac Megantic.

First I found this article that suggested Washington State might start banning the carriage of highly volatile crude oil.

When I became curious about this "Reid vapour pressure" characteristic I stumbled on a terrific undated paper on dilbit. I think it may have been published in 2015 because the most recent document in the references is dated 2014. The paper contains the unvarnished details about dealing with a spill of dilbit into a water body.