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15th August 2019
As if the BC forest practices issue wasn’t enough, this is another critical issue British Colombians will have to deal with.

All of the gas and condensate currently being mined in North eastern BC is being piped to the Alberta Tar Sands. British Colombians have paid to build the industry and even subsidize the big corporations doing the gas fracking.

Apparently, the most valued BC gas product, and most highly toxic, is condensate (liquid gas) prized by the tar sands corporations for thinning out bitumen, to enable it to flow through pipelines easily, on it’s way to Vancouver and the oil cargo ships.

If that wasn’t enough insult, taxpayers also pick up the tab for cleaning up the environmental destruction, after gas mining companies have acquired their products.

At a time in history when the world is supposed to be dealing with the carbon issue, the BC Govt. is promoting this industry as “green energy!”

I guess our governments really are controlled by big oil global corporations because how else can you explain what’s going on in BC….. Good-bye Salish Sea, good bye southern resident orcas.


This is a fabulous new film on the gas industry by Will Koop, below.

Broken Sprocket in the Fox Creek Hub? Alberta's "Ignorant and Brute Force" Frack Experiments - YouTube

By Will KoopPublished on Aug 10, 2019

"Broken Sprocket in the Fox Creek Hub? Alberta's "Ignorant and Brute Force" Fracking Experiments," was produced and published by Will Koop on August 10, 2019, (

On July 11, 2019, the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) was contacted about a significant toxic spill and H2S venting event, six kilometres southwest of the Town of Fox Creek, Alberta. It was coming from a leaking abandoned gas well, presumably impacted by a "frac hit."

The spill was not reported in the media. Two weeks later, energy corporation Paramount Resources sent out an emergency response plan to the Town of Fox Creek, warning residents about possible evacuation due to hydrogen sulphide gas (H2S) from Paramount's facilities and operations. H2S is a deadly gas, and extremely dangerous.

The video presents the visuals and context of brute force fracking operations in the Fox Creek - Duvernay geological play, and their purpose to provide unconventional condensate and gas to feed the hungry Alberta Tar Sands flow of bitumen.