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31st May 2019
FINALLY!! We are being heard! BRAVO Adam Olsen and Sonia Fusrstenau!
So everyone knows...I went to an event a week ago in Nanaimo where Sonia Furstenau was attending.
I gave her a letter from VIWWC that will also be going to the two sitting MLA’s in Nanaimo and Nanaimo/Cowichan on June 6th at our Forest March.
Please...write to your MLAs...write to to your local papers and continue the hue and outcry to get this stopped.


MLA Adam Olsen,
What about clear-cut logging on private land? -


Over the past several weeks the B.C. Green Caucus has been asking government about the lack of protection of old-growth forests in British Columbia.

Our work culminated in a call for a moratorium.
Another troubling aspect of forest management in the province is on private land. We have been inundated with correspondence. People in the Southern Gulf Islands, Cowichan Valley and the Kootenays are deeply concerned. They worry about a variety of issues including climate change, water quality and slope stability. Currently, it appears there is little that local government leaders can do to protect the interests of their constituents. We know the Minister of Forests, Hon. Doug Donaldson, has also heard the outcry and he has recently announced a review of the Private Managed Forest Land Program.

I support the Minister's initiative to review this program. There are clearly significant issues that need to be addressed. However, every day the government is reviewing the situation communities are under substantial threat. Forests will continue to fall, neighbours voices will still be muted and communities pressed into action. I asked Minister Donaldson when he is going to stop allowing the unsustainable logging practices on private land and if he will put a moratorium on logging until his review is complete and decisions made on how to proceed.