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23rd May 2019
This is an amazing amount of research that has gone into a document produced by John Jeglum on the ails of fracking.
The document is some 85 pages in length. I will try to add them 20 pages at a time.
This below are John's comments:

Dear All,

I am attaching my review, long time in preparation, and still a work in progress, called Ď20 Reasons for a ban on BC fracking and LNG exportóMost recentó06 May 2019í. You may circulate it if you wish.

I send it with trepidation, it could be improved in many ways, there are many smart people who could do a better job. In fact all of you who live up where it is all happening. I would very happy for any comments or criticisms, small or large.

I am obviously in favor of a ban on fracking, this is almost an impossible dream considering the love affair that many have with it, and the Alberta oilers and gasers right next door. But I think banning gas is an essential requirement if we on earth want to see the emissions go down and rapidly. We have to promote the non-polluting energies. Even if a program of capturing fugitives gets going (WHEN?), there will be certain proportion of the methane that still gets free, guessing ca 50%? With more fracking and more wells we are just sealing our fate for rising temperatures, and destroying a wonderful earth, and public health, and agricultural and forestry potential, and, and, and .....But who am I preaching to?

I would be keen to know if you think a group action to ban fracking could be successful? Could a Referendum be successful? I know the Ion Delsol Moruso generated referendum fizzled because it clashed with the Proportional Representation action, and lacked organization of key leaders for each and every riding. I donít know if the strong supporters of fracking and gas, e.g. Fort St. John, would be an insurmountable block in a Prov Referendum? Interested to know what you think!

Thanks for your attention,

John K. Jeglum
5-6797 Beaumont Ave
Duncan, B.C. V9L5T4