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7th December 2018
EDITORS NOTE:You will note below the disappointing response we received from Minister Heyman.
We have written back again and here is that letter;

I am writing to thank you once again for your dismaying as it is!

It really does appear to all of us, that you, nor the rest of the bureaucracy are listening to the citizens of this province. We all wonder why?
Is the only place we can show our displeasure at the voting booths across the province? OR through civil disobedience? OR through out and out riots because we are not being listened to?

Our drinking water watersheds are being decimated by logging and in some cases, logging and mining. We require explanation as to why this is okay.
The Professional Reliance Act will not take precedence over the many Forest Acts and Mining Acts.
The Water sustainability Act will not take precedence over the Forestry Acts and Mining Acts.
Why is it that government after government is so reluctant to tackle an industry that is absolutely not sustainable with the methods that are currently being used?

We have industries in this province taking millions of litres of our water for FRACKING, we have logging companies decimating most watersheds in this province, and creating extinctions of our wildlife and can not see the necessity of doing anything?? We do not understand!! This is true from the North, through the Kootneys and the Okanagan and on Vancouver Island.

We require explanation as to why the existing practices, legislation and regulations are okay....PLEASE.

For your information, I have bcc’d others.

June Ross- Chair: on behalf of the member groups of Vancouver Island Water Watch Coalition
Editor –