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19th January 2018
The Story of Stuff

Start off your new year with an empowering story of two movements coming together to fight a growing threat to our most precious shared resource: clean, safe, and affordable water. This is how we keep fighting Nestlé.

On January 23, we will release latest movie, A Tale of Two Cities. It tells the powerful story of two very different Michigan communities—picturesque, small town Evart and gritty, industrial Flint—who have found their futures inextricably linked by a threat to the one thing that all life requires: water.

After years of damaging budget cuts and privatization pushes across the state of Michigan, Flint's water crisis made international news when lead-tainted water poisoned hundreds throughout the city.

Four years into the crisis, thousands of families in Flint still depend on bottled water to drink, cook, and bathe. Despite the state's failure to provide clean, safe water for its citizens, Michigan is giving away millions of gallons of water to Nestlé. Just 120 miles from Flint, the multinational corporation bottles water that feeds the Great Lakes and turns massive profits. And Nestlé pays only $200 per year for that water. The disconnect could not be more stark.

We're hoping this story moves you and others around the world to take a deeper look at how your own water is managed and actions you can take in your community to protect it. But in order to do so, we need this story to make a big splash.

Will you sign up to join our Thunderclap?
This is a service that will help us make the biggest impact possible by allowing all of us to send out the movie through our social media channels at the same time -- and it only takes a moment! When you sign up, you're "donating" a tweet or Facebook post to help us reach new audiences with this critically important story. We'll be updating it to include a link to the full length movie on Tuesday.

We would be so honored if you would amplify the story of these brave activists and share the message that water should be protected as a public resource and a human right. We can't wait to share the full movie with you next week!

You can watch the trailer her: