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25th November 2017
The fight to stop Nestlé is especially urgent in Ontario. The Council of Canadians has discovered that the bottled water giant has been pumping water out of the ground on two expired provincial permits! Yet every day it continues to bottle community water and sell it in single-serve plastic bottles as far away as Newfoundland for an obscene profit.

In Aberfoyle, ON alone, Nestlé is on the verge of taking its 1 billionth litre of the community’s water despite the fact that its permit to do so expired more than a year ago – and the Ontario government is sitting by and allowing it to happen.

Let me repeat that: Nestlé has taken almost 1,000,000,000 litres of water on an expired permit.

That’s why the Council of Canadians is organizing actions with area residents, conservation groups and First Nations to kick the fight-back into high gear.

And here’s something that you can do right now to show your support for communities in Canada and beyond who are fighting Nestlé and its outrageous bottled water grab. One year ago the Council of Canadians launched our Boycott Nestlé Pledge and more than 52,000 people – age 8 to 88 – have already taken the pledge to stop buying Nestlé products.

If you haven’t already done so, please take the Boycott Nestlé Pledge, and encourage your friends and family to join you!

Boycott Nestlé Pledge

Together, we can raise the level of public pressure and political will needed to phase out the bottled water industry and protect community water sources for generations to come.

Thank you for being a water warrior.

Emma Lui
Water Campaigner
Council of Canadians