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22nd October 2017
UPDATE:On October 19th, 2017, I received the following from Scott Kimler;

Dear June,

I am writing as a courtesy to let you know that at last night's regular board meeting, your September 28th letter was referred to staff for a response. I am not certain when they will contact you, but I thought you might like to know. Also at last night's meeting (I was not in attendance) staff presented an update on the lead-in-water issue. You can find a link to the update materials and to the archived video of the presentation here:

I hope this helps.

Scott Kimler

Trustee & Business Committee Chair
SD68 (Nanaimo-Ladysmith School District)
email: cell: 250-714-6913
On October 19th I wrote back to Mr. Kimler and advised I wanted written response to my letter.
We wait again!

Editors Note:On September 28th, 2017, I wrote the following letter to SD68 Board and Administration in regard the lead in drinking water issue. I am awaiting response:

Greetings to each of you,

As you know know, I came before the Board of Trustees on the lead in drinking water testing issue on April 26th, 2017.

Both at this presentation and again in writing, I was advised by Trustees and the individuals who answered my queries after my presentation there was no money to provide filtration in each and every area where drinking water could be accessed.

On August 2nd, 2017 I wrote to the Minister of Education, Rob Fleming, and Premier John Horgan asking them what they were going to do about this situation that existed in schools .I received a response to my letter on September 26th, 2017. Contained within this letter is the following:

“In regards to the Nanaimo-Ladysmith School District specifically, the District provided testing results to the Ministry as per the requirements of the “testing Lead Content in Drinking Water of School Facilities” policy and have pursued mitigation strategies which the Ministry has funded through SEP as follows:

2016/2017 (1st SEP Call-out) – North Cedar Intermediate – Approved for $175,000.00
2016/17 (1st SEP CALL-out) - Nanaimo District Senior Secondary –= Approved for $68.,500.00
2016/17 (2nd SEP Call-out) – No requests for SEP Funding for lead in water issues.
2017/18 – No Requests for SEP Funding for lead in water issues.
2018/19 – 7 schools requesting $750K in washroom upgrades. (does not specify if funding is for lead in water issues)

My questions to you are: Why would you advise me both in writing and in person the district did not have the money to provide filtration on all drinking water sources when in has been made available to you for this purpose??

Why have you not applied for funding as noted above?

When are you going to apply for funding and get filtration installed? Victoria School District has tested and remedied ALL of their schools.

I have to tell you, I dislike being lied to! No wonder there is so little faith in elected politicians these days.
Please note, I have bcc’d both the Minister of Education, Rob Fleming, Premier John Horgan and VIWWC – Core group.

I am trusting an early response to my questions.

June Ross
Chair – VIWWC
Editor –