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29th August 2017
Did you know you could be eating food grown with contaminated oil wastewater?

Oil companies in California have been selling their wastewater to local irrigation districts where farmers get the water to grow food sold all over the United States!

Our food should be grown with clean and safe water — demand an end to this dangerous practice NOW!

As I drove through California when I moved here from Texas, I was shocked to see how food and oil production are so visibly intertwined: dirty oil pump jacks are bobbing in the same fields as widespread rows of food crops.

I learned that in addition to producing a majority of the fruits, vegetables and nuts that are sold all over the United States, California is the third largest oil-producing state in the country.

Every single barrel of oil produced results in significant amounts of wastewater, and to get rid of it, oil companies have been selling it to local irrigation districts for cheap.

This wastewater, which may contain toxic chemicals used in fossil fuel extraction, including some that are linked to cancer and reproductive harm, then ends up in the water used to irrigate crops. Sign NOW to call for an end to irrigating crops with oil wastewater.

Popular food companies that sell products all over the country use this tainted water on their crops, including The Wonderful Company, known for brands such as Halos, POM Wonderful juice, and Wonderful Pistachios, and Grimmway Farms, a major U.S. carrot producer that sells brands such as “Bunny-Luv” carrots — which are heavily targeted to children.

Tell Wonderful and Grimmway Farms: STOP polluting our food!

Officials have yet to determine whether this practice is even safe for the people who eat the food, for the farm workers who grow and pick the food, or for the environment. What's even worse is we aren't sure how widespread this practice has become.

Food is supposed to nurture us, not hurt us.

If we all pledge to stop buying any product from Wonderful or Grimmway Farms, we can leverage our collective consumer power and pressure the companies to call for an end to this dangerous practice once and for all.

Tell Wonderful and Grimmway Farms: I won't buy your products until oil wastewater irrigation stops.

This is only one of the many ways in which the fossil fuel industry is putting our food and water at risk. We know that burning fossil fuels also contributes to climate change, and a warming climate will have many impacts on our access to safe food and clean water supplies, two things that are essential to our survival.

That's why, in addition to working to expose dangerous oil wastewater irrigation practices that put our essential resources at risk, Food & Water Watch is working all over the country to move us OFF of fossil fuels and onto a 100% renewable energy future.

Right now we need your support to stop this dangerous practice of irrigating our food with oil wastewater: Take the pledge to protect the safety of our food and water.

Thank you for taking action,

Luz Hernandez
Online Organizer
Food & Water Watch


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