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30th July 2017
by Laurie Gourlay

“All the waters run to the sea and yet the sea is not full, and from the place where they began,
thither they return again.” Ecclesiastes

Hey you! Yeah, you bag of water, you! Getting kinda tight in the fight for a drink of good, clean water, eh?

Fires to the left of us, fires to the right, aquifers polluted and dwindling snow packs on them mountain ranges. The summer, our planet and lives are heating up. So, whatcha gonna do?

Hoping the government, corporations, your neighbours or the non-profit groups down the street are gonna solve this water problem for you better not be your plan. ‘Cause, no excuse, this is your problem.’

You want a glass of clear, clean, healthy water? Then you have to work for it…so do something. Paying taxes and complaining that nobody does anything for anybody anymore isn’t good enough! You, my friend, are the problem and the solution – if you want to be.

This really is all about you, if you are going to live a good long life.

Maybe you’ve not noticed? Avoided the media and stories they say we’re facing increasing droughts and long, hot summers? Maybe you’ve not noticed that Vancouver Island is growing in leaps and bounds that climate change is upon us like a runaway train, and the Island’s water supply is threatened?

Sorry, but this is no longer the wet coast of Canada. And the future is grim if we don’t individually and as a society, within our community and voluntarily, give up some Saturdays and dedicate at least some of our precious time and money to the public interest – in service to the greater good of our region and country. Remember the War, 1945, heroes, sacrifice and doing what’s right, not just looking out for ourselves?

You, Yes, you, need to act, whether you are low-income without means, a comfortable retiree who will ease through times of trouble and misdeed, or just some rich self-centred, indulgent and self-righteous dude on the hill. This is about you and the need to serve the public so that you and all of us might live a comfortable life.

Otherwise the lack of water is gonna get, your friends and family. But now, right here and now, this is your chance to be a Hero, to have your kids, loved ones, neighbours…and even the masses that don’t have a clue who you are love you for having the courage and forethought to do something for all of us. We all need water to live. It’s in short supply, and surprise, you have a chance to do something to make things better. It’s Hero time!

Think not what the government and big business can do for you, but rather what you can do for your country… and our lakes, streams, aquifers, creeks, ponds and waterways.

And there are many (many) organizations out there already addressing these problems, willing to work with Heroes – with you. But it will take your solemn Hero vow to make change happen. No doubt about it. Our personal lives, our community, the region and the province’s betterment all need you, Hero you, to step up to the plate.

If in doubt you might want to remember why we have it so good: the WWII war effort turned the tide, pulled us back from the brink of destruction because ordinary people, like you or me, actually sacrificed themselves, full on, gave up their comfortable lives, for the betterment of society. They died for democracy and a future that their grandchildren would thank them for.

Heroes need to think about that and what makes our society great enough to give something of ourselves.
Now’s your time. Make us proud.

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EDITORS NOTE: Are you a hero????????