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17th May 2017
...continued from Part 2

For the next couple of hours, Manjunath and I shuttled back and forth between Himalaya’s bore well and Huawei. Each time we returned to Huawei’s back gate, the road leading up to it was a little more crowded—with dawdling Ubers and the cars and motorcycles of employees, but also with tanker trucks from other water-supply firms. The tankers came in a range of sizes; the smallest, pulled by a tractor and holding perhaps a few hundred gallons, looked like a jerrican on wheels next to the 4,000-­gallon monsters. Some of them looked new; most were older and had sprung tiny leaks out of rust holes. They formed a long, patient queue, their exhausts smoking, their water running out in drips onto the road.
Samanth Subramanian (samanth_s) is a Dublin corre­spondent for The National.