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17th January 2017
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On December 2, 2016, the Ontario government once again asked the public for input on its water laws, this time on potential new rules renewing bottled water permits.

At first glance, it looks impressive. But in fact what the government has proposed is just more of the same. Instead of saying ‘no’ to wasteful and unnecessary use of water, the government will make decisions based on studies provided by the corporations seeking permits.

The government doesn’t have the best decision-making record when it comes to protecting water from companies like Nestlé. Just ask the Township of Centre Wellington, who needed another well for their drinking water but had it bought out from under them by Nestlé.

Communities trying to save their water – with the help of the Council of Canadians – from bottled water plants, quarries and garbage dumps have complained that the government seems to rubber-stamp corporate permits with little regard for residents’ concerns.

This is why we need to phase out bottled water permits forever.

Please take a few moments to tell the Ontario government (again) that it needs to:

-force Nestlé to sell the Middlebrook well to the Township of Centre Wellington who need it for their drinking water,

-implement a permanent moratorium on new permits for single-use bottled water facilities,

-phase out current permits for such facilities,
prioritize community use over corporate interests for water resources in Ontario, and

-seek the free, prior and informed consent of affected Indigenous peoples.

Hurry! The deadline for comments is January 31, 2017.