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28th October 2016
Take Action With Food & Water Watch:

Right now, I hope you'll take another step with us to protect our water from the dangerous practice of fracking. Go here to sign on:;jsessionid=9557F7EC0C9D931B8B5FCD22CF77C1F4.app359a?pagename=homepage&page=UserAction&id=2172&autologin=true

Access to clean, safe, drinkable water is a human right. We all need it to survive. When water across the country is being polluted beyond the point of use with mystery toxic chemicals, we have a real crisis. That is the story of fracking.

Fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, is the destructive process of extracting oil and gas from deep underground by injecting millions of gallons of fracking fluids — a mixture of toxic chemicals, water and sand — at high pressure into a well to crack open rocks underground to release oil and gas. Fracking has spread rapidly across the country and has damaged communities by poisoning water, polluting air and making people sick.1

Take Dimock, Pennsylvania: It wasn't long after fracking started that the residents started to see its impacts — their water became brown, and milky, and they started getting sick. It turns out that drilling and fracking had contaminated their drinking water. Residents turned to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for help, but shockingly the EPA said the water was safe to drink, despite evidence gathered from agency investigators that found “significant damage to the water quality."2

The role of the EPA is to protect us from environmental health and safety hazards. Tell the EPA to do its job and protect the people of Dimock, and all of us, from the hazards of fracking!

It is absolutely inexcusable that residents of Dimock can no longer drink their water, and it is outrageous that this is happening across the country in communities in Texas and Colorado, Ohio and Oklahoma, and North Dakota and California. No one's water, health or community should be in danger because of fracking.

Here is where we come in: Food & Water Watch was the first national organization to call for a fracking ban. While supporters of fracking want to establish fracking regulations, we know that regulated fracking still results in harm to people's health, accidental spills of toxic waste, air pollution, earthquakes, water contamination and even more climate change. A ban is the only true solution.

So, we're working to ban fracking locally and nationally. We combine grassroots organizing, hard-hitting research and direct advocacy to stand up to the industry and expose the truth about how fracking impacts our drinking water and our health. This is how, after years of building power through emails, phone calls, letters, meetings and rallies, we helped ban fracking in New York! And this is how more than 450 communities across the country have passed measures against fracking.3

As the anti-fracking movement continues to grow, we can hold the EPA accountable and stand up to Big Oil and Gas, and build the political power to stop fracking from poisoning our water. Join us in calling on the EPA to stand up for our water and our health, and help push for a ban on fracking.

Putting a resource as precious and universally important as drinking water at risk is simply unacceptable.


Wenonah Hauter
Executive Director
Food & Water Watch