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31st May 2016
EDITOR'S NOTE: Please send the letter off as requested.

Tell Nestlé Waters' CEO to leave public resources alone

At the heart of our lawsuit against the Forest Service is our belief that the government is obligated by law to sustainably manage the public resources in its care, including our water.

With a last-minute Amicus Curiae or ‘friend of the court’ filing, Nestlé has delayed our lawsuit to hold the company accountable for taking water with an expired permit. Outrageously, Nestlé's lawyers have claimed that a ruling that restricts the company’s water take would cause it “substantial harm” and, further, that the federal government doesn’t have the right to restrict its water removal in any case.

By joining with thousands of people around the world in e-mailing Nestlé Waters CEO Tim Brown today, you can help hammer home the need for Nestlé to respect the U.S. Forest Service's authority to limit Nestlé's use of public water during a drought. To help make sure Nestlé gets the message, simply e-mail Here is a suggested message:

Dear Mr. Brown,

As a member of the public, I am deeply bothered by the recent Amicus Curiae filed by Nestlé's lawyers in California. I do not believe that Nestlé bottling millions of gallons of water from a National Forest during a drought, especially before a thorough ad unbiased environmental impact assessment report has been completed, is "reasonable" or "beneficial."

Government agencies, including the U.S. Forest Service, have an obligation to protect public resources for the public interest, not corporate profit. Nestlé must respect the authority of the public and our governments to regulate and protect public resources such as our water.


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