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25th February 2016

If you believe your water comes from a tap and your groceries come from a grocery store, you will defend to the death that tap and that grocery store. However, if you believed your water comes from a river and your food comes from a land base, you will defend to the death that river and land .. simply because, your life will depend on it.


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Comment by tDavi on 25th February 2016
"Its spring tune up time" The vet said he "already seen 3 pets this week died from antifreeze poison" as my kitten sized pet died on his exam table. Petroleum companies add a smelly additive to natural & propane gas so we can notice leaks...why can they not add a pet & wildlife deterrent to toxic automotive & aircraft antifreeze...??? Its multi coloured sheen is highly visible on roadways in ditches & roadside groundwater near Prince George & other places. Its highly toxic to animals fish people & pets. Windshield wiper fluid designs need changing with non spraying roadways reservoirs...& they say global warming is caused by CO2! Liars! Look at antifreeze. Please. ;'(