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18th February 2016
EDITORS NOTE: Thank heavens we still have some gutsy politicians on our Island!

CVRD Senior Staff Creating Chaotic Dysfunction Over Decision To Oppose LNG In Cowichan


Last Wednesday’s unanimous endorsement of the motion opposing LNG facilities from establishing anywhere in the CVRD was a high point seldom reached by the elected folks at the CVRD Board Tables.

Understand however that the CAO Brian Carruthers and Planning General Manager Ross Blackwell are mad as hatters having watched their CVRD Directors seize the moment and provide political direction without their guidance or say so. That refreshing diversion from our normally obedient politicians is now under fire.

In a fit of pique that kicked in two days after the resolution against LNG had passed they told elected Director Lori Iannidinardo that they were in real trouble legally and were off to get a legal opinion on the legality of the motion.

Obviously that specious claim would not fly as I am sure that if they did ask lawyers they would have been told that opinions of the nature expressed in the motion were very much in the domain of political representatives.

CAO Carruthers complained that they should have been asked for guidance if the Directors wanted to do something of that nature.

In a display reminiscent of a distraught “Sir Humphrey’ from the British sit-com Yes Minister it seems Carruthers and Blackwell have lost their grip.

They desperately want to regain their control of the politicians, our elected representatives. This is very much a question of who is running the show. The politicians should be, but they are now engaged in a tussle of consequence.

Understand that we are under attack by the highly skilled and deceptive front men operating under the Steelhead LNG banner who have disrupted and divided the Malahat Nation with their seductive lobbying efforts and promises of jobs and wealth.

I see that they have already ingratiated themselves with the Duncan Chamber of Commerce, sponsoring the Black Tie Awards and such. That is disturbing.

They have landed in our most beautiful corner of the world fronting for what looks suspiciously like New York based hedge fund investors, who may well be playing a ‘long game’ approach to gain environmental certificates that they could sit on until the market improves which may or may not occur.

This massive LNG proposal would inalterably destroy the Saanich Inlet and threaten marine life and recreational enjoyment of Southern Vancouver Island and of course the Gulf Islands where the massive undersea pipeline would disrupt marine life, especially for the whale population. Giant LNG Tankers would disrupt marine and ferry traffic.

Real Estate values would plummet throughout the Southern Island especially for ocean view and ocean front properties on both sides of the peninsula if this is not stopped.

It is imperative that our elected officials stand their ground and dispel any further attempts to erode their stature and standing.

They are underplaying the downsides and leaving folks with the impression that this project is at the early stages and that they will consult and cooperate with the community as they slowly proceed. Meanwhile they are in high gear seeking NEB approval and provincially of course Christy Clark would sell us out in a heartbeat for anything LNG.

Remember what happened when the CVRD fiddled and stalled about over the South Island Aggregates application to dump 5 million tonnes of contaminated soils into the Shawnigan Watershed.

They failed miserably and the results could well turn catastrophic if court cases now in play are not successful. It appears that much damage has already been inflicted on the lake and creek from unconfined runoff.

We must not be caught again. The unanimous motion to oppose LNG is under threat. It must stand.

I smell a rat!