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11th January 2016
EDITORS NOTE: I have read a number of highly distressing articles over the last few days concerning what is happening to humans and animals in North America due to "tainted" water.

The two stories below this one about Flint Michigan, should ring alarm bells for many.

I first of all, two days ago read an article entitled,
"The Lawyer Who became Dupont's Worst Nightmare". This is a very long read......but again it tells the story of corporations that continue to literally, get away with murder. I am including the link here and urge anyone who comes onto our web site to please take the time to read the article. I have sent the link and comments to Michael Moore as he is after jailing the Govenor of Michigan but... there are others who also need to be dealt with and that is Corporations like DUPONT. Michael Moore has sent a letter out asking individuals to please sign the petition calling for the arrest of the Govenor. In this letter he mentions that DUPONT is one of those who have infected the Flint River...this is why I sent him a letter as I believe the citizens of Flint have a case to make against DUPONT and other corporations who have poisoned their river. Here is the link.

Please...take the time to read this and also while you are reading think about the Fracking that is going on in northeast BC and other places across our country and think about the chemicals attached to this process infiltrating our water supplies.

Think about Jessica Ernst in Alberta who has taken on Encana due to fracked gas wells poisoning her water in Alberta. Think about what she personally has had to sacifice to pay $300,000.00 in legal bills to get this to the supreme court. The article above this writing is the latest on Jessica's battle.

Think about what is happening to Shawnigan Lake and their citizens. Contaminated soil being delivered to their watershed! Protests occuring because of a reticent government to deal with the issue.

It is only when we stand together and literally scream loudly and order a stop to this insaneness that we are going to be heard. We must take back control my friends if ever we are to escape this insaneness!

Yours with hope,
June Ross