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17th December 2015
Hacktivist group Anonymous steps into fight over Shawnigan Lake soil dump

The hacker group Anonymous is stepping into the fight over a contaminated soil dump on Shawnigan Lake

It posted a warning message on its Operation Green Rights website today

It claims the provincial government and in particular, the Ministry of Environment, seems to have a willful disregard for it’s duties to protect the environmental interests of British Columbians.

Protesters who live on the lake have been fighting to overturn a permit that allows dumping of contaminated soil on a site close to the source of their drinking water.

Anonymous warns in the message that those companies who choose to remain involved “should expect us.”

Anonymous is a decentralized network of activists and hacktivists, best known for distributed denial of service attacks on government, corporate, and other websites

Message posted by Anonymous:

Greetings, citizens of British Columbia.
We are Anonymous.

It has come to our attention that the Government of British Columbia, and in particular, the Ministry of Environment, have demonstrated what appears to be extreme negligence, and seems to have a willful disregard for it's duties to protect the environmental interests of British Columbians.

Ministry of Environment officials, you allowed a contaminated soil dumping permit to be granted above Shawnigan Lake. You endorsed the dumping of five million tonnes of contaminated soils over a 50 year period into a watershed still pristine enough to support safe drinking water for over 12,000 residents, a fish bearing lake, and a stream that supports spawning Coho salmon. You have been shown evidence of exposed groundwater unprotected from toxic runoff, with the potential for extensive groundwater contamination. Despite ongoing court actions, your own inspections showing failed containment of runoff, irrefutable proof from independent engineers and laboratories, and even extensive video evidence clearly showing that contaminants are leaching from the site, you have steadfastly chosen ignore it entirely and allow dumping to continue. This crime is heinous. Your conduct is unconscionable. You failed to validate, or even understand, the questionable engineering. You failed to enforce the requirements of the permit. You failed to adequately consult the areas indigenous peoples. You failed to monitor the site or hold the polluters to account. You learned nothing from the worst disaster in Canadian mining history at the Mt. Polley tailings pond. You have failed British Columbians one too many times, and now you have drawn our ire.

Principals of Cobble Hill Holdings, and it's affiliated companies, including South Island Aggregates (SIA), South Island Resource Management (SIRM), Alterra Construction, and Active Earth Engineering. Your alleged fraud and secret profit sharing contract are likely not the last examples of your ethics and business practices that will meet the public eye.

And finally, to those companies involved in the distribution and transport of contaminated soil to the Shawnigan Lake site. We are watching you. We are your neighbors, from your friendly coffee shop employee through to your local IT professional. We are amongst you. Those companies who choose to remain involved should expect us.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget. #TangoDown