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2nd November 2015
EDITORS NOTE: I have received this newsletter and it is such awesome news it needs to be shared! It shows what a band of determined people can accomplish!
I am inlcuding only the first article from this newsletter and have added the entire newsletter as an attachment.

Return of the Pinks


We are a not for profit stewardship organization working towards a healthy, productive, and diverse Tsolum River. Our charity works with all levels of government and the community.

Fall 2015 Newsletter

WOW, are there a lot of pink salmon in the river! It is a record year for pinks - with thanks to our salmon counting crews who conducted pink counts over three consecutive weekends - we estimate 125,000 fish in the river!

Government records show returns of over 100,000 in the pre-Mount Washington mine site years 1935, 1946 and 1951. We are ecstatic to see the pinks return to spawn in historical numbers once again in 2015. This is what we have been aiming for: a healthy and diverse Tsolum River. All the hard work by the many dedicated volunteers and others over the past 20 years has finally paid off. Six years after the cover went on the abandoned mine site, nature has rebounded with spirit! This return is also very special because these fish are all from eggs laid in the river two years ago in 2013.

Because of that year’s huge return, we ceased hatchery operations at the Headquarters/Wolf Creek facility. After 13 years of raising and adding pink fry to the system, we let nature take over with amazing results! And all this despite record low flows and higher than average temperatures.
This is great news and we hope it continues in the future.

It is a happy year for the Tsolum. Thank you all for helping make this happen! And remember the road to recovery was started by one man who noticed the fish were missing and refused to accept it – Father Charles Brandt. Thank you Charles.