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25th October 2015
We've got exciting news: we've almost met our goal! In under a week, we've raised over half the funds needed to support our legal and organizing teams' efforts to stop Nestlé’s illegal operations on the San Bernardino National Forest of California. Top news outlets such as Time Magazine and The Guardian are already tracking this fight. If we beat Nestlé in California, the Story of our victory will be shared around the world, inspiring even more communities to follow our lead.

The Story of Stuff Project has just won big against Johnson & Johnson in California by banning plastic microbeads, a success that is positively changing markets around the world. There has never been a better time to show Nestlé that water IS a human right, not a corporate product.

Will you support our effort to fight back against Nestle’s illegal water take on our drought-ravaged public lands today?
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Thanks for all you do!

Michael O'Heaney
Executive Director

P.S. Below you can find the Story of one dedicated Forest Ranger who has spent years fighting Nestlé, and who is part of The Story of Stuff Project's work on this issue.

I invested over 40 years of my life as a professional forester, and I care a great deal that public land is properly managed.

The Story of Stuff Project is suing to stop Nestlé from taking public water with an expired permit.

Contribute to support the legal case for the public right to keep and access our water.


My name is Gary Earney, and protecting the forest in San Bernardino, California has been the focus of my career. I’ve now dedicated over 30 years to the cause.

I believe deeply in the purpose of the Forest Service: to manage our public forests, owned by you and me, in a sustainable manner, without overuse or abuse, so that future generations have the same opportunities available to them as we do today.

Unfortunately, I believe that Nestlé’s removal of millions of gallons of water from the San Bernardino National Forest each year, under a permit that expired in 1988, poses a serious threat to the work that people like me have done to protect these public resources.

And that’s why I’m writing to ask you to join me in supporting the Story of Stuff Project today.
In my professional opinion, based on managing the area for several decades, Nestlé is damaging the habitat needed by the plants and animals that live in the National Forest.

Retired Forest Service wildlife biologist Steve Loe, also featured in The Story of Stuff’s recent film, begged the Forest Service last year to arrange a meeting with Nestlé to discuss the company’s expired special use permit and the devastating drought. Steve wanted me included in this meeting because I am the only person who has hiked Nestlé’s project in its entirety, across rough terrain without trails, so I know the landscape intimately.

The Forest Service responded to Steve’s concerns by telling him the issue was none of his business. Nestlé, for its part, refused to allow me in its meeting with Steve, or to discuss its water withdrawal.

Help support The Story of Stuff Project's fight against Nestlé today!
I knew that because the Forest Service had not been budgeted or staffed to do even its most basic job for over 30 years, it probably wouldn’t pay enough attention to the damage Nestlé is doing in Strawberry Creek without public pressure.

So when The Story of Stuff Project first contacted me to participate in their film, I saw an opportunity. I knew that if we could tell people across California and around the world about the problem with Nestle and the drought, that we would have a real shot at making change.

It’s also why I support The Story of Stuff Project and its partners’ decision to file a lawsuit to compel the Forest Service to stop Nestlé from taking water until a comprehensive study is done that can prove that the environment isn’t being harmed. This lawsuit is a critical piece of a worldwide movement to hold companies like Nestlé responsible for what they do to our natural resources, and I hope you’ll join me in supporting this campaign.

Unlike Nestlé, the Story of Stuff Project’s legal representation is fully funded by public citizens like you.

So please give today to safeguard the natural resources I spent a lifetime protecting!
Nestlé is part of a well-documented effort by private companies to corner the planet’s remaining clean water resources, and sell the people’s water back to them. The simple truth is your access to such water should be a basic human right.

And if the Forest Service allows Nestlé to take so much water from public land without first analyzing the environmental impacts of that withdrawal, it is not meeting its responsibility to the public - you! - to care for the land in a sustaining manner.

Will you support the fight to end Nestle’s removal of water from the drought-ravaged public lands?

Thank you for all you do to protect our public lands!
Gary Earney
Professional Forester
US Forest Service, Retired