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23rd October 2015
I am including this on the website so you can go in and have a look at the various maps that are included here. Once into the site then you go the buttons below the maps and if you hit, as an example, streams and water bodies they are all then shown. Then look at the aquifers and then add the land use map lastly ( I found this best) and it gives a ton of information on each one.
I think the RDN is not quite complete with them all particularly they are not showing First Nations significance. They talk about it, but there is no areas designated in many of the maps...I will pushing to get that corrected down the way as I am sure there is significance in spots.

Anyway, enjoy mucking with the various watershed maps and let us know what you think.



The Regional District of Nanaimo has launched a new website interface that offers a friendly map-based method of accessing water resource-related information in the region. This new website can be found at, and houses the program information supporting the Region's Drinking Water and Watershed Protection (DWWP) program - a service that works to educate, collect data, and improve decision making, related to water and land-use planning in the region.

"The interactive maps at will connect residents to a place-based understanding about water where they live, and serve as a hub for water information," said RDN Chair Joe Stanhope.

Each Water Region at has an interactive map that can display or hide the following information: Streams and Waterbodies; Aquifers; Land Use; Water Supply; First Nations Significance; and Community Programs. The new interface is part of the RDN website,

In concert with the new website launch, publications entitled The State of Our Streams will be mailed to residents across the region, to profile streams in your local area (or "water region"). The publications are based on water quality information gathered through local community partnerships over the last four years. This mail-out includes an additional Drought Response insert with an update on the drought conditions we experienced this year. These publications are also available to view at our website under Reports.


Julie Pisani
Drinking Water and Watershed Protection Coordinator
Regional District of Nanaimo