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22nd October 2015

We have some good news for a change! The Regional District of Nanaimo has passed four motions that are as follows:

1. That the Board direct staff to work with the region's partners, including municipalities and First Nations, to develop a regional water governance model proposal for the Board's consideration.

2. That the Board direct staff to develop recommendations for water pricing and regulation
changes to the eight Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN) operated water service areas that
reflect water conservation priorities.

3. That the Board direct staff to update water requirements for subdivision and development
under Bylaw No. 500 for the Board's consideration.

4. That the Board direct staff to work with member municipalities and other water purveyors to
review standardized regional drought communication protocols and water restrictions policies for the Board's consideration.

You can have a look at all of the background info on these motions at ( pages 56-62)

VIWWC has requested involvement in the # 1. process and we will just need to monitor to ensure the process gets going and that we are included. We will try to keep everyone updated as the process unfolds.