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9th July 2015
Water, Water Everywhere. Well that is what they told us. Now what ?

"For years many voices have been calling for groundwater legislation in BC, one of the last unregulated jurisdictions in North America. Surely few will argue against that today."

Richard Hughes

JULY 3RD, 2015

Isnít it odd that the stranger something is the less explanation we get from our governments.

Take the recent deals where the BC Liberal government got tough with Nestleís and charged them $2.25 per million litres of water.

We could be watering our gardens with this water (Nestle bottled water) that the Clark government has allowed to be exported.

Got tough you say in disbelief, as you carefully pour old bathwater on your rhubarb desperately gripping on to life in your parched and dried out garden.

We have reached level 4 drought restrictions reports Global TV.

We should not be allowing Nestleís or anyone else to bulk purchase our precious water resources, at any cost.

What could possibly possess the Clark government to do such a thing?

Massive amounts of our water is used to produce LNG exported to China and Malaysia.

We have unlimited supplies of water the BC Liberal corporate toadies proclaimed, employing the same illogical approach as they have used giving away our other resources like natural gas to the Chinese and Malaysians.

Next we will hear that we are being sued under one rip off trade agreement or another for our inability to supply an uninterrupted supply of our precious water for fracking purposes. Pure insanity!

Fracking is being considered on the Island.

While you are processing that remember this, there are plans being considered to kick LNG plays into action on the East coast of Vancouver Island.

Between the frackers and the water exporters heavy demands the drought presents is a problem, but for whom?

Who will go short, or even without?

Our Cowichan River is in crisis and yet multiple levels of government continue to dither when it is clear, they need to raise the weir.

I have heard estimates from 10 million to 25 thousand million construct the changes needed. That is mice nuts in the bigger scheme of things!

The costs of further delay are incalculable. Remember this is a squabble over who will pay and how much. What the politicians forget is that there is only one taxpayers and that is us. It is our money. Spend it on something worthwhile!

Our heritage river is sacred and must be protected. The cost of failing to act is far worse. If we do not act we could lose it. None of us can bring it back, no government or corporation can make a river. This is serious.

The Crofton Mill must reduce the water taken from the river and that must be acted upon and enforced immediately.

The method of monitoring their amounts and impacts are unknown. We do know that we need that water now!

For years many voices have been calling for groundwater legislation in BC, one of the last unregulated jurisdictions in North America. Surely few will argue against that today.

The question of who will continue to have access to our water resources and who will be regulated is now front row and centre. It will demand clarity and some courage from our local and provincial politicians and agencies.

If there were ever a time for co-operative approaches it is here and it is now.

There is nothing more political than water. The challenge is before us.